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  • Machin Room Type Passenger Elevator

Accurate Control Intelligent And Reliable

Effective, speedy and high‐end intellectual design

It gives first priority to effectiveness in vertical transport field. In order to fully optimize the service efficiency of the elevator system, WELLS elevator fulfills the intellecetual managements, such as multi‐computer, modular and network control etc, through fully computerized intelleectual control system. It instantly feeds back the elevator running conditions. It provides the most efficent gold‐collar services for the passengers.

Micro‐computer control system

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Double 32‐digit micro‐computer control panel combines with vector closed‐loop control technology, loop communication system, unique graphic generator etc. It brings about the quicker and mroe reliable elevator dynamic response speed.

Top Advanced door operator system

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The door operator control system of WELLS elevator applies dual control systems. On the one hand it is controlled by main controller of control cabibnet, on the other hand it is controlled by door operator controller, which greatly reduces non‐opening accidents due to door operator fault.

VVVF speed‐adjustable techonology ensures stable and comfort operation

The advanced VVVF speed‐adjustable techonology and modular construction of humanity design are not only safe and reliable, bt also adjust the speed curve automatically in the acceleration and deceleration of speed, which ensure the stability in the operation of elevator and improves the riding comfortable feelings.

Remote control system ensures intelligent supervision

Through wire or wireless communication, the operation status and access situation of passengers in elevators are monitored at real time at the monitoring center. Malfunctions are excluded before occurrence, nip it in the bud and ensure the safety of passengers.