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Eliteco Home Elevator

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Fashion Design, Quality Manufacture

WELLS Home lift “Eliteco” combines the design concept from Europe and North America with the market requirement in Asia and China, which is compact structure, novel design, safe and reliable, comfortable riding which is suitable for kinds of Villa and low rise private building.

Environment Friendly Design

The machine roomless with low overhead design, not only saves your construction ocst, but also gives you maximum space saving and allows maximum architecture aesthetics possibilities without having lift machine room or overhead protruded from your roof top.

Specifically design for low rise, light load lift, equiped with small power machine and VVVF controller, which saves your electricity cost, while enhance the operation control accuracy and riding comfort.

Safe riding with proven technology

Advanced safety detecting technology with light curtain door safety and other controller functions offers a fail‐safe operation and comfortable riding. The optional automatic rescue device will enable the life to level at the next nearest floor and open the door, release the passenger during main power failure.