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Accurate Control Intelligent And Reliable

The new delivery service

We apply the fully computerized modular elevator special control system, effective and reliable drive mode, sensitive and felxible VVVF variable frequency door machine for @WELLS freight elevator so that our elevator can have relaxed transport under various work conditions. High strength car structure, anti-collision strip, photocell door setting can satisfy all kinds of the freight transport. They are also applicable for different building structures. As a result, we can tackle mroe and mroe transprot tasks at ease and create a completely new freight carrying concept as well.

Highly intellectual micro‐computer system

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Elevator applies micro‐computer control system to achieve no‐contactor control with simple operation and highly reliable. System executes fully closed loop control technology to the elevator, effectively increasing the running performance and reduces power loss.

Top‐grade door machine control technology

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It applies the advanced variable frequency door machine to fulfill; the effective and smooth door opening/closing through multi‐speed curves. It ensures that opening/closing each time perfectly acts in strict accordance with the superior speed curve and strength. It presets multiple intellectual running curves for your selection. It is applicable for the requirements in different occasions.

Environmental friendly

WELLS freight elevator series applies high quality elevator special‐purpose VVVF control system. Compared with the traditional technology, system can save over 30% of the energy and reduce the elevator power consumption to minimum degree. At present, WELLS freight elevator is a forerunner in the developing orientation of both energy‐saving and environmental friendly.

Excellent torque properties

Maximum feature of WELLS freight elevator VVVF speed regulation lies in its constant torque features. No matter how light or heavy the load is, it never affects the running speed, comfortable travel and the leveling accuracy.