type of lift

Elevator Products and Technology

An elevator that is designed for a commercial environment has to be designed to satisfy certain commercial criteria. It has to be technologically up‐to‐date, economical, reliable, maintenance friendly and its ride has to be smooth ‐ qualities of inestimable value Trident‐Q is able to offer.

Microprocessor‐based Control System

Among the lastes technology in the industry, the 32‐bit standard serial main controller board has double CPU structure, enable mutual monitoring between main and auxiliary CPU, thus enhancing the safety performance of the product. The district monitoring through isolated CANBUS serial communication module resulted in strong anti‐interference ability, with electromagnetic anti‐interference ability up to EFT 4000V and electrostatic anto‐interference ability up to ESD 8000V.

controller board picture

The main controller board has been designed based on European Standard EN81 and has been certified with CE Comformity.

Proven VVVF Drive Technology

The VVVF drive is specifically developed for elevator application and is developed according to the opreation0load characteristics of elevator. It appleis 32‐bit digital signal processor DSP (dedicated for motor), programmable super-scale logical element CPLD, intelligent power module IPM, vector speed regulation technology combined with the character of potential load model to make the elevator running to stable, comfortable and effective.

The VVVF drive meets the following standards: